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Over the past five years we have developed a body of work demonstrating successful delivery of large, high-profile programs and events for the government and business. Our expertise is building broad engagement programs for business built on through-the-line marketing and live events.


Most importantly, we have proven our ability to deliver for our clients. Read more below, and take a look at our portfolio of work and our testimonials.

Strategy - A good outcome begins with a well developed strategy. Our experience delivering large public engagement programs is one of our strongest assets. We can help you develop your idea into a strategy and then execute to meet your goals. Take a look at some of our projects like the Sydney Business Awards and Let’s Talk Business to see examples.


Funding - Our major projects are self funded. We generate an idea, develop the strategy and go find the resources to make it happen. We are highly successful at tendering for government projects and also at developing winning sponsorship pitches. Of course, once you have the sponsorship, it’s all about delivering value for the client, and we have an enviable record of high retention and happy sponsors.


Marketing - Our projects involve delivering an on-target, through the line marketing campaign. We develop a brand, build the marketing assets (print, web, digital, email, blog, social) execute the campaign and then diligently track the results. Our successful marketing campaigns have built the Sydney Business Awards into the largest program of its kind in Australia, and consistently deliver a highly engaged audience to live events and high open rates on our newsletters. Check out some of the brands we have built in our portfolio.


Content - Content is king (again), and we’re very well placed to create credible editorial around our projects. Events Agency founder Bill Baggitt had a 15 year career in senior management and reporting roles at CNN, ending up as Managing Editor of CNN Asia Pacific. We know a good story and how to tell it well. Read the news sections of our Let’s Talk Business and Business Awards websites for a taste of what we can do.


Programming - Generating engaging programming for our projects is central to our success. We bring a journalistic approach to building timely, intelligent programs tailored to the market. Our experience spans conference programming for C-level executives (China Summit) to educational series programming for SMEs (Let’s Talk Business). We are keen readers of the media and trend-finders.


Production - The live event delivers engagement that cannot be replicated in the virtual world. The best connections are still made face to face. A flawlessly produced event reflects the values of our brands. We have produced hundreds of events across five years, from the high-end Business Awards dinner for 700 people to small gatherings of key stakeholders over lunch. All our events exceed the expectations of our clients and guests. Check out our testimonials for proof of that!



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